Over the past 100+ years, the "dynasty" begun by Samuel ("Shmuel") and Chieh Berman ("SB/CB") has grown by "leaps and bounds"!

In the late 1970s, Julian Berman, of blessed memory, led an effort to graphically show the lineage of all Samuel and Chieh descendents by means of multiple circular genealogical charts painstakingly drawn.

This Website expands-upon where Julian left off and makes a best-effort attempt to show the currently existing SB/CB lineage of (at this time) only the direct descendents of Samuel and Chieh Berman.

Thanks to the advancements in computer/Internet-based technology since Julianís time, we are able to show this lineage with easier-to-follow, spreadsheet-based family tree charts made accessible to descendents via this password-protected Website!

As of the date of this writing, there are a few Generation #7 SB/CB descendents (the great grandchildren of Judy/David Gold and Jesse/Frayda Shapiro) -- and well over 100 Generation #6-ers!

To make this project successful, we are relying on you, the SB/CB descendents, to provide new and/or missing information relating, in particular, to your portions of the overall SB/CB genealogy.

So far, there has only been time to include directory and family-tree-chart information for a few of the six total branches. For completeness, however, here are the names/abbreviations for all six of the branches(which correspond to the six children of Samuel and Chieh -- eldest to youngest):

            Alexander & Sarah Berman ("AS") Branch
            Etta & Jacob Goldberg ("EJ") Branch
            Ephraim & Hannah Berman ("EH") Branch
            David & Etta Berman ("DE") Branch
            Lenna & Meyer Lurie ("LM") Branch
            Fanny & Isadore Sussman ("FI") Branch

As time permits, we hope to include charts for all of the branches; and also include many additional photos; memorabilia; articles; etc.

Finally, if you are reading this prior to July 27th, 2008 and will be attending the 2008 picnic get-together at Minnehaha Park, we look forward to meeting and greeting you there on 7/27!!

For now, just "fasten your seatbelts" and enjoy a virtual ride down "Berman Geneology Lane"!!

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