This is the "intro" or "gateway" to the MULTI-MEDIA ("MM") PAGE where you will find videos and photos dealing with the lives and events of our ever-growing Samuel and Chieh Berman family descendents!!

I'm happy to report that as part of our overall 2010 Website update, the "MM" PAGE has been updated to now also include a VIDEO PREVIEW Clip and still shots from the fun weekend of our JULY 2008 MINNEHAHA PARK REUNION!!

We invite you to also contribute some of your family-event photos as this will make the entire SBCB Website Project that much more complete and interesting.

Re: this update, special thanks go out to Barbara Berman for submitting many new candids from the July 2008 picnic, and to Joel Katz and Joanne Harris for submitting new EH family past-history pictures.

Now, proceed to ENJOY additional memories of our extended Berman family by clicking on...

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